Goddess Natalie - Clean my feet before bedtime

Added: 09-01-2021

Hi there, my cute little puppy. We had a pretty nice experience last time, you and me – with you at my feet licking and worshipping them right before I start my day. And you did pretty well, that’s exactly why I also want you to take care of my feet before bedtime, tonight! I know how much you love my wrinkled soles peaking out from underneath the blanket, and I know that it makes you drool to see them so close to your face. So go ahead and poke that little tongue of yours out and begin moving it up and down, from the bottom to the top of my wrinkly feet, just to get to my lovely, yummy toes. They look pretty delicious, don’t they? And you are going to be a very good boy and suck on them too, then lick in between them as well, just to make sure they are perfectly clean before bedtime. You know I never .s.l.e.e.p well when I have dirty feet! So go ahead and do a good job, little pup! Don’t forget to properly thank me for allowing you to lick my feet and to s.l.e.e.p at my feet tonight – you know how!
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