Goddess Natalie - Chastity as therapy fantasy

Added: 11-01-2021

I know that this pandemic makes men and women feel differently. Our way of dealing with the situation is pretty different, and I understand that for men, being stuck at home with no way of offering a solution, no way to solve the problem, can be really frustrating. That’s the way you’ve been brought up to think, and it’s part of the way the male brain functions, too. There’s not much you can do about it. But I’m here to be your counselor today, to offer your therapy-fantasy. Just won’t be the typical kind! I believe in a little strategy that I will teach you throughout this video – and once you will understand that, all this chastity as therapy-fantasy will make a lot more sense to you. Bare in mind that I have actually been trained in this field and if you do feel the need to talk or need some support, you can message me anytime you wish. Now, before we get to that part, get your chastity cage ready and make sure you have an envelope or a jewelry box nearby, cause you might need it later on. You’ll see why! Now get to it!
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