Princess Miki - GOON LOOP Mind Liquefier

Added: 16-01-2021

GOON LOOP: Mind Liquefier
By Princess Miki Aoki
** NOTE FROM MIKI: If you enjoyed “THE GOON MACHINE,” you’re guaranteed to enjoy this loopable work of gooner bliss.
You want to feel Me fuck your mind, right? And I’m going to fuck it hard… if you wear a proper set of headphones and turn off all the lights. The layers and layers of audio are just as mind bending as the visuals I’ve created, so you’ll want to grab your best headphones.
Prepare yourself for a long night and enjoy. **
Welcome back, gooner. You can’t get enough, despite your awareness for the following: that gooning makes you vulnerable, and that I only invite you to goon because it helps Me corrupt your mind.
When you goon for Me, it feels different, doesn’t it? It’s like sex for the brain. It compels you to spread mind wide open for the penetration of My words and propaganda.
My voice then liquifies your brain, and your silly little thoughts slowly drip out of that leaky, rock hard, sensitive cock of yours.
But you welcome this. You want to be a mindless, obedient, gooning jerk drone for Me and the Cult. You need Me to mindFUCK you hard.
You want Me to erase what’s left of you. I think I can do that… as long as you give Me a hand.
All I ask is that you goon all night for Me. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.
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