Mistress Lola Ruin - My Milking Slave

Added: 18-01-2021

Hello My new slave… can you hear that noise? That’s the sound of My Venus 2000 Milking Machine working it’s magic on your cock. I have you trapped here, mummified in plastic, strapped down and unable to escape… now you are just part of My milking ****! You poor slave… you are just My property now, and I want you milked continuously. Let Me show you exactly what I am milking you with… this Venus machine is going to drag the cum out of your balls for Me whether you like it or not. There is nothing you can do to resist… you are completely vulnerable, weak and immobilised for Me! My Venus won’t even allow that cock of yours to go ****. Don’t think for one second you will be able to resist, I am going to show you exactly how much control I have over you, smothering you with My cleavage and with plastic as I turn up the dial on My milker. I am going to drain those balls dry over and over, all the while teasing you with My breasts, smothering you whilst taunting you over your new role as My milking bitch. It brings Me such joy to milk you over and over again, to see you suffer so helplessly! Being My milking slave is your one and only purpose now, so you had better get used to it… This clip was a custom request, and is also available in ‘Mobile’ video resolution.
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