Dommelia - Sissy Maid For The Night

Added: 19-01-2021

So I’m throwing a get-together on Saturday night with the girls and I’ve decided you’re going to be My sissy maid for the party. I could’ve hired a professional, but I thought it’s so much more fun making you do it. You’ll arrive before the guests so I can prep you, make sure your make-up’s on point, plug you up and of course I’ll be looking you up in chastity. As the guests arrive, you’ll be answering the door, curtsying and informing My friends that you’ll be their sissy maid for the evening and are at their disposal for them to humiliate or degrade. There’ll be around twenty of us and you’ll be serving drinks and canapes, as well as being the designated chair, footstool or toilet for all the girls to use, as well as providing foot rubs to anyone who wants one. As the night goes on, we’ll be getting more having fun and I’m probably going to take out My entire strap-on collection, so you can suck each and every one of our cocks! We may even end up spit roasting you, who knows where the night will end up? And you’d better not put a foot wrong or you’ll end up getting bitch slapped and spanked by twenty girls! Oh, naturally you’ll be funding the entire event too. Oh my god, My party’s gonna be so much fun, I might even stream it all online!
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