HumiliationPOV - Princess Ellie - Legs Over The Head CEI For Cum Guzzling Freaks

Added: 24-01-2021

Legs Over The Head CEI For Cum Guzzling Freaks
HumiliationPOV welcomes back the incredible Princess Ellie!

You are a cum guzzling slut. I know you are because you look exactly like the type who would be hungry for his own spunk. So let's get you all worked up. I want you nice and horny and ready to spurt and then I'm going to make you shoot it on your face. Yes, I want you to give yourself a facial. Of course the goal is to get it all in your mouth, but if you don't, well you have your finger. So you can scoop every last drop off of your face and put it where it belongs, down your throat. It'll be so much fun cleaning it up!

So let's get you started, I want you nice and horny, so I want you to worship my pussy a little bit. I'll bet you'd eat your cum right out of here if you could, wouldn't you? Unfortunately for you, this pussy is for alpha males, not for cum guzzling losers. But you may stroke to my perfect pussy as you worship it. Jerk to it knowing about the real men who get to have it. A place you'll never be. Keep stroking that dick for me, loser.

Next I want you to jerk to my perfect tits. Aren't you just so lucky that I allow you to see and jerk to my naked tits? They are just so perfect. You can't look away, can you? They make you stroke faster. They're not for losers like you and you know how lucky you are to be able to jerk to them. I mean you are a cum guzzling whore after all. And cum guzzling whores get their own cum, they don't get tits and pussy. Cum guzzlers get to jerkoff in front of their computer screens before eating their own cum all alone in their room, which is what you'll be doing soon. Cum guzzling freaks don't get to lick cum from wet pussies. Pussy is not for you.

You're just a little cum eating slut for your own jizz lol. I know you're getting ready to spill it. You get so horny when you know you're about to eat it. You know what you need to do, don't you? Of course you do, you've done this many times before. I wonder how much of your own jizz you've already eaten? Bring yourself to the edge, it's almost time to blast your cum all over your face. You need to paint your face and shoot some white cream on your tongue. You're going to taste your shame.

So I want you to get on your back and lift your legs up and jerk your cock in your own face and get ready to cum all over it. Jerk it faster loser. Jerk it in your face as I count you down. 3, 2, 1... Open your mouth and squirt all over yourself. Get it on your face and onto your tongue. Cover yourself in cum, you cum guzzling loser. LOL! How does it feel lying there, face covered in your own cum? You must feel so pathetic, so stupid. I know you taste it in your mouth. This is what you deserve and you love it. You can't get enough of it. You need this humiliation, you crave it. Now swallow. Good boy. Now use your finger and scoop up the rest off of your face and lick it all up loser. Fucking idiot.

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