Goddess Christina - Better Than Your Wife

Added: 24-03-2016

Custom Request (No Name Used) — You walk into my house on some pretense, notice me checking you out, and proceed to tease and taunt me with your hard body. Point out areas of your body and tell me to look at how hot they are. Continue to do this. The whole time, talk, slowly, with the occasional moan, about how much hotter you are than my wife. Hotter and harder and younger, etc. Then my wife walks in and notices how hard youve made me and starts to get mad and jealous. You explain, calmly, and quietly, how easy this is for you. How you can see that you are making her jealous, but, can you blame him? And then start to show my wife all the ways you are superior. Repeating body part by body part always explaining how tight and hard you are compared to her. At some point, take your shirt off while looking at my wife and explain, you can never look like this. Do the same thing with your shorts. Keep telling her to look at how hard you are making me and how much I am dripping for you. And keep telling her to look closely at different parts of your body so she understands how much better you are. You can also take pity on her if it makes senseaww, I can see you are starting to cry. I know it must hurt.but look at me etc
All this control you have over me and my wife is starting to turn you on. You start to touch yourself a little and explain that nothing turns you on more than taking men from their wives while their wives watch. To that end, you promise that I can have you if I will tell my wife that I am leaving her. The very idea of me leaving my wife because you told me to turns you on so much you start to whine and moan more. All the while you talk about how taut and hard your body is The last couple minutes are you finally getting me to tell my wife it’s over and making me cum while looking at you as my wife watches*Even with my hair briefly out of place – Im still so much hotter than your wife :P

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