HumiliationPOV - Mandy Marx - Psychological Mindfuckery – I Know What Makes You Addicted, You Stand No Chance Against Me

Added: 25-02-2021

For years you didn’t know how these desires started. But now you realize that it was your ex girlfriend. She was bratty and knew how beautiful she was. She knew how much you were in love with her and how out of her league you were. And she used you to get financial benefits out of you. She manipulated you, she knew how weak her bratty attitude made you, and she knew how much you enjoyed being weak and submissive to her. She knew how much you loved her feet and she teased you with them relentlessly. When she dumped you and found a new boyfriend, you started going deep into porn addiction. But then you found me, I remind you of her. You found in me the gap she left. I accepted you and your fetishes and you knew that only I could satisfy your desires. I would let you kiss and worship your feet for real. I would manipulate you and never leave you. You got over her because you fell into my amazing aura. You feel into Mandy Marx’s addiction, but you’re so glad that you did.
I almost feel like I should thank her. She helped build the blueprint. She helped train you a little bit. Would it hurt to know that I ganged up with your ex and that’s how I got to you? But don’t worry, I’ll use all the parts of you that she left on the table. Because I want so much more from you. I know what I can do to you. I know the kind of mindfuckery I can use in my clips to increase your Mandy Marx addiction. I know how to use subliminal messaging in my clips. I study psychology, I study addiction, I study good boys. I’ve studied all my slaves. I know exactly what makes them addicted, and I use it. I extract it out of every boy so I get better at it. You stand no chance against me because I’m just that good.
You are addicted to me. You have a Mandy Marx addiction. Your ex gf was so naive. She could’ve gotten so much more out of you. Does she not know what can be done with just a single handjob? I can get so much out of you with just a simple handjob. She never touched your cock the way I can. I know the power of a hanjob. Forget about the foot stuff and the addiction, set all that aside. A man and his cock and just one magical experience with my hand. Why wouldn’t someone want you? As a good slave, a favorite. Why wouldn’t someone want a favorite like you? Someone to drink up their spit and to be used continuously for my entertainment. Being submissive has always been in you. That’s just part of you. And since you’re made like this, you just are like this. Just admit it. I know you better than you know yourself.
I’m a hotter version of your ex girlfriend, you know it’s true. What makes me a better version of her? I study my voice and how the intonation changes the way you feel and interpret things. I study what a whisper does to you. You will always be my foot slave. Stroke yourself. Get yourself worked up and then hold yourself back like a good boy. I’m happy you fell into a Mandy Marx addiction. I’m really happy you found me. I’m happy we found each other. There’s something special about finding a slave, a good boy. Someone that’s been under appreciated and felt misunderstood. Something magic blossoms when you let that person feel true acceptance. I’m glad that you’re addicted.
I would let you kiss and worship my feet. I study human sexuality. I study feet. I study fetishes. I study the effects my hands have on you. I study the effect my feet have on every single person that sets their eyes on them. I study mesmerizing techniques. I study what I can do to you. I study you. I know you. I am your foot goddess. You can’t get away from your Mandy Marx addiction because I’ve studied you. I know you. Stroke to my feet. Stroke to your Mandy Marx addiction. You will always be my foot slave. I accept you. I appreciate your fetishes. I know you.
Let your addiction to Mandy Marx begin!
– Mandy Marx! –
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