Miss Amina Rose - My Favorite Party Favors

Added: 31-03-2021

*** This is a custom order; no names were used ***
For this clip you will need a condom and ~aroma~. I begin with a slow, sexy tease, a seemingly normal JOI session. I know how much you love being dominated by a hot Goddess, used for my pleasure while allowing you just a taste. It's so easy to get you weaker and hornier, so pliable for me. This tease and JOI seems so generous at first, and you follow along excited to cum. I have you stroke with a condom on, and although you're not sure why, you mindlessly obey. As you edge and get closer and closer to cumming, I allow you a few sniffs in order to heighten the sensation of your orgasm, and you fill up your condom with such a satisfying load. You came and you think it's over, but of course I wasn't going to be that generous. I laugh at how dumb you were to think I'd just let you stroke, sniff, and squirt without some kind of degrading humiliation. Now that you have a condom full of hot cum... you know what to do.

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