Sarah Diavola - EXPERT FOOT FUCK

Added: 02-04-2021

I don't need to say much to speak volumes to your cock.
I've got you laid down with your cock out for Me. I don't need to put My hands on you, just My feet. With My bedroom eyes and sexual stare, you are immediately engrossed in a foot fantasy. The slippery lube glides over the skin of My feet: dripping down the soles, curling around the arches, slipping into My sole wrinkles, and dribbling between My toes. I'm lubing them up to stroke and control My cock like the unequivocal expert I am. No wonder so many strive to be like Me...despite their failures.
Here you are, in the most blessed and fortunate position any man could be. My feet, toes, arches, and soles are about to transport you into utter bliss. Effortlessly for Me. My technique is beautiful, effective, and captivating. I 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 + spurts and gushes from your dick, and it never had any other choice.
I don't give a fuck if you're into feet or not; unless you're brain damaged with erectile dysfunction and a shriveled hairy slug dick, I WILL make you cum with Mine. I am legendary for it.

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