Madam Violet - CUM Prepared CEI

Added: 08-04-2021

You need to cum, you’re so close there’s no turning back now, you can do this, deep in trance, listening to your cock, listening to My words. Under My spell you can’t refuse, I count you down into a delicious pre-prepared SNACK and only THEN you get to cum.
Because bitch you want to eat it, the idea of it turns you on, as you get closer to orgasm you want to eat your cum so bad.....But just at the last minute you bottle you’re gonna bottle it first! Come to this session with a sample of your pre-prepared cum and I will make sure you savour and devour every single drop,
First I will melt your mind all the way down into your dick. Soft mind and hard dick for Goddess, listen to My persuasive mesmerising words and find all your thoughts vanishing as your cock gets harder and harder. You want to be a good boy, you ARE My good boy, you are going to do this... if you want to cum.
SNAP! Look into May eyes as you eat your cum, bitch. LOOK AT ME AS YOU EAT YOURSELF! You dirty bitch. So weak so pathetic. As you gobble and slobber I humiliate you which just makes you harder, closer to orgasm. Mmmmm it turns you on so much because you’re pure FILTH. CUM with the taste of you in your for desert slave?!

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