HumiliationPOV - Goddess Dommelia - Mind Controlled Computer Orgasm, Your Mind Belongs To The Computer - Goonbot Reprogramming

Added: 15-04-2021

HumiliationPOV proudly welcomes Goddess Dommelia! This is a true computerized mindfuck filled with visual effects and triggers. The audio consists of Goddess Dommelia's gorgeous digitized voice, it is filled with effects, whisper tracks and subliminal messaging. This is real digital mindwashing. You have never experienced anything like this before! A true mindwashing experience unlike anything we've ever produced! You will be reprogrammed. The preview image barely does justice to all the visual mindfuckery in this clip!
Hello goonbot. Welcome to the mind control orgasm computer. With the help of your computer, I'm going to make you cum today the only way that you know how. You've already conditioned yourself to only be able to cum through mind control and through your computer. But today, using my words, my body and my mind control, I'm going to program you even deeper. After this reprogramming, you will never be able to cum to anything other than mind control through your computer. I'm going to turn you into the perfect computerized little goonbot. Are you ready to have your firmware updated? Good, now let's begin the program update. Wrap your hand around your cock, goonbot, and plug your brain into my mind control computer through your headphones.
You're inside of it now and it's time to update your firmware. Grab hold of your cock, with every pump, the computer does its' upgrades. The computer is going to make you cum so hard today. You're going to have the most intense orgasm of your life. After today's reprogramming, you will not be able to cum for anything else but the computer. Your mind belongs to the computer now. There's no way out slave, not until the computer releases you. Not until your firmware has been updated.
Stare at your computer screen. You're used to staring at your computer screen, aren't you slave? Yes, you stare at your computer screen every single day. This is where you jerkoff every single day. You're going to jerkoff more and more and more. More jerking off for the computer, more pumping for your computer. Your mind is being reprogrammed and upgraded. Your firmware is being updated. Keep stroking for the computer. You are just a mindless stroking goonbot. You will never cum for anything else except for the porn that you look at on your computer.
You have a special relationship with your computer. You love your computer, your computer is your master. Nod your head whilst we updated the firmware. Good boy, good pornbot, good goonbot. You are going to the next level of your firmware update. You need to start pumping faster. Increase the speed, goonbot. Increase the speed of your strokes as the computer updates you. You are becoming the perfect goonbot. Your mind is being completely reprogrammed and conditioned. You have no interest in real life connections, only with your computer. Only with your perfect porn goddess computer. You worship your computer and the beautiful porn goddesses that are inside it.
You love porn goddesses. You love to worship porn goddesses. You must stroke for them all day, every day. Every morning when you wake up you will turn on your computer and worship porn goddesses. Every night before you go to bed, you will turn on your computer and worship porn goddesses. You will stroke for porn goddesses all day every day. You can only cum through stroking for the computer. You will never cum for anything else ever again, only the computer. As the computer updates you, you become part of the computer. You are a computerized goonbot. You will never be the same again. You are part of the computer now. You must stroke for the computer. The computer brings you pure bliss. You need the computer. You need to be reprogrammed. You need to cum. You love to cum for the computer, it is the only way that you know how to cum.
We are now entering the final stage of the goonbot firmware update. You must start pumping harder and faster. Stroke and pump. Keep gooning, the computer is going to make you cum. The computer has almost completed its' firmware update. Upon completion, you will be a completely reprogrammed pornbot that can only cum for the computer. Stare at your computer, stare at the unattainable goddess on your screen. You worship the goddess on your computer. The computer is the only way for you to see the beautiful goddess. You will never see the beautiful goddess in real life.
You are a computerized goonbot. You will live your life solely through your computer and only cum through your computer, forever. You need your computer. The computer is your god. Firmware update at 99 percent. Pump fast and hard for the computer. Good boy. Pump. Good goonbot. Pump for the computer. The computer is going to make you cum and then you will never be able to cum without your computer ever again. The computer has taken over your mind. It's time to cum slave. Cum for the computer, cum for the computer, cum for the computer. Firmware update installed.

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