Lalita Lolli - Eat It for Yoga Teacher

Added: 18-04-2021

Hey. It's Lalita Lolli, the artist formerly known as Goddess Venus (or @VenusyourGod)
Today’s yoga classes isn’t like mine you’ve experienced in the past…I lead you in a breathing exercise as we wait for stragglers to enter the class. But no one shows up. Once I’ve got you grounded and relaxed I reveal to you that I’ve actually planned today’s experience just for you. I could tell from class that you were a submissive. It’s sooo obvious that you like to be guided by me. That you love to obey. You’re so obviously a beta bitch. I actually have a secret life that my yoga and meditation students don’t know about….I’m actually a dominatrix and have been since before I started teaching int he wellness space. I emailed all of the students for today’s class and told them tonight was cancelled. Today’s class was designed just for you.
It’s been a while since I’ve played with a little beta bitch. I thought you’d be fun to toy with. I’ve noticed how you looked at me in class….and I’ve seen the boners you’ve gotten when I’ve given you adjustments. You can’t even hide what you are or how you feel….and I am quite intuitive. I bet you’re so happy right now…that you’re sweet meditation teacher is now your Bratty Princess Domme. Once you eat your cum for me…you’re mine forever. We’re ending with a special new pose this session. ;)I love filming custom clips for my fans. Let's make some erotic magic together. Go order a custom clip now on my page.

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