Madam Violet - Locked Into Mental Chastity

Added: 18-04-2021

WARNING Impotence is an issue suffered by millions of men across the world. It’s common and it’s usually not physical. It’s ALL IN THE MIND. Millions of men struck impotent by their own puny mind.
Now imagine what *I* can do to your mind.
Yeah. If there’s even a part of you that REALLLY wants this. DO NOT watch this. When harnessed then mind is powerful and impotence is real and present danger.
If you dare, come and sit with Me, listen to My words, look into My eyes, stroke your cock and pay no attention to the fact that I’m locking your mind into a mental chastity. All that matter is right now and right now it feel so good to stroke for Me, for only Me, always Me. I don’t want you to have sex with anyone, I don’t want you to cum for anyone, except for Me.
Just relax into it, just trust Me. Stroke and just accept My words, you know want it, need it, that invisible cage around your cock, the chastity belt locked around your mind. It's what's best for you. As you stroke I slip you into trance and reprogrammed your mind, so the messages between your cock and mind are always intercepted...
Oh you still get HARD. In fact your very predicament - locked into mental chastity by a powerful beautiful Goddess makes you SO HARD and SO stroke and stroke, but you cannot cum. Perfect agonising bliss. Listen repeatedly to really, well and truly, fuck yourself up.

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