Goddess Natalie - First time anal initiation

Added: 19-04-2021

Hi there pets! While I know that some of you simply love my anal training kind of videos and would get any of them, I would prefer this video to only be purchased by those who never tried anal before and want to have an initiation.
I designed it to slowly introduce you to the world of anal pleasure and prostate orgasms, so it is the perfect video for those who wanted to try anal for a while, but never had the guts or didn't know where to start. It will be a gentle kind of initiation, and I want you to have some lube nearby.
While I will mostly focus on fingers for now, if you do have a toy - or if you already tried fingers and want to move on to toys - I will also want you to bring any kind of toy over. Whether it is a small butt plug or a bigger one, a smaller or bigger dildo or a vibrator, this video is also suitable for those who want to experiment with anal toys for the first time ever and make the move from fingers to toys.

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