Goddess Natalie - Learn to get used to chastity

Added: 26-04-2021

You know how much it pleases me to see you locked up! You know how happy it makes me when you do it for me, when you sacrifice, when I know you make a real effort just to see me smile! And no matter how much you'd wanna please me, I know it's hard to not lose focus sometimes. I know you tend to feel hopeless and horny and want to escape your tiny cage! It's tough to keep focused on what really matters - on your Goddess and on pleasing her! But I know that you can do it - I know that if you really want to make me happy, you'll do absolutely anything for me! As they say - when there's a will, there's a way! And I'm here to guide your little puppy steps along the path towards that *way* today. The way is through meditation, that will allow you to relax and refocus. You need to empty your mind, clear out your thoughts and repeat the right mantras to get to where I need you! So, are you ready for this little meditation we're gonna have today? I want you fully naked for me, ready to relax, all alone in the house with no distractions. Make sure you switch your phone off and put your headphones on! You're welcome!

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