Josette Duval - Desperate Mommy Gets Blackmailed

Added: 17-04-2016

I've been married for 18 years, we've been blissfully happy until we started having money problems. My husband is the breadwinner and his company has been cutting back his hours and his pay, my son has to sacrifice his allowance and he is not happy about it. I tell him how lucky he is to have had such a generous allowance, most his age have had to pick up menial jobs. He huffs as he listens to me tell him, "I have to get a job back as a cocktail waitress again, do you think Mommy looks young enough to compete with the women your age? It's a stressful time for our family, but if I can make as much as I did back then, we could save the house, and your father will have time enough to pick up another job." My son nods in agreement, I expected him to understand.

"I want to ask a favor of you, my love..?" He looks at me with interest and I continue, "don't go downtown with your friends tonight, you shouldn't be spending money at nightclubs anyway, I want you guys to hang out here and order a pizza." I keep my secret from him, I used to be a stripper! It's how I met his father although we told everyone I was a cocktail waitress. It wasn't at some lewd, trashy, place.. the girls just went down to their bikini, but of course, I broke the rules for his handsome father. I'm going to the same establishment to audition, as an older woman this time, and I pray to God they will hire me.

I practice some pick up lines to get dances. I sway in my sexy, yet motherly dress while my son peeks in on me. I teeter on my 6 inch tall heels and try my best to remember my elegant stripper strut. I practice my old money making lines, "Wanna dance with me? I am going to blow your mind," I purr, "I know I'm expensive, but I'm so worth it."

Several hours later at "Honey's Nightclub"...

They've hired me! They put me in the exclusive room in back for their big spenders. I just dance on the pole and the high rolling customers enter my room to tip me, it's so private, and I love it! No one will discover me in here, we hardly know any big spenders in our circle. I am anonymous and I am making real money!

A man walks in and sits down. It's dark, I can only see that he is tall and muscular, with the angular shaped face that I find so handsome. I wiggle around on the pole, poking out my assets, "come closer babe, I can't see your face." He doesn't move. I giggle, I'll come to him. The closer I get, the more familiar he looks, and then I see... it's my son!

I stammer over some excuses but his face is cold, focused, and emotionless. He wants to see me dance, naked, on top of him! "Oh.. oh.. no....please, don't tell your father I'm an exotic dancer, he'd leave me." I am horrified that my son is blackmailing me, but.. oh.. he is so handsome. He is so sneaky, he's just like his mother. He pulls out his cock, the size of it makes me gasp. I try to hold back any pleasure moan. He can't see I am enjoying this. I can't believe I am fucking my son, he's forcing me to do it. He spreads me open as I lean against the pole. The management can't see what I am doing, they'll fire me, and I need the money. My son is manipulative and dirty, but so sexy, I can't believe he is cumming inside of me!

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