Meana Wolf - Lost Boy

Added: 17-04-2016

You were panicked...terrified as you ran deeper into the woods. Lost, you couldn't remember which trail had led you in. Your little feet were covered in mud as you ran through the wet forest undergrowth. A wolf howled in the distance and it chilled you to the bone. You realized you would never be able to find your way in the darkness and in that same moment spotted a hollow in a tree. You crawled inside of fought the urge to cry...but your eyes began to well with tears. "Why did I run away from home?" you thought to yourself. You wished to be back in your warm bed on the farm, you wished to be back playing with your toys in front of the fireplace. You missed your mommy. You whimpered and hugged your legs to your chest as the damp cold of night settled in the forest. You closed your eyes and prayed for the dawn to come promised to yourself that you would find your way home and into your mother's arms as soon as the sun lit your way. Suddenly, a voice startled you. "Oh little boy?" A soft feminin voice cooed. You opened your eyes to see two ruby red eyes staring at you from beneath a red hood. Those eyes sparkled in the moonlight. Deep dark red eyes. You were awe stricken. You'd never seen such a beautiful woman and you're heart leapt for joy as you crawled out of the tree and ran into her arms. "There there," she said. "What a handsome little boy you are...come with me little darling", she smiled.

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