HumiliationPOV - Sara Saint - Buy Me Cute Little Outfits And Maybe I Won’t Tell Your Wife, Pervert

Added: 28-04-2021

HumiliationPOV welcomes our newest brat, Sara Saint! She is so young and hot with a perfect little body! Her voice is so fucking sexy. You will melt and feel her in your head, making you desperate to obey her and see more of her. This is a fantastic blackmail clip that will make you so weak and horny, you stupid pervert. You can't resist hot, young, bratty girls like her who know just how to manipulate weak perverts like you. You are going to absolutely love her! We only bring you the best here at HumiliationPOV!
What are you staring at, pervert? You know that I'm Way too young for you, right? You can't stare at me like that pervert. You look like a loser staring at me like that. I know I'm way younger and hotter than any girl you could ever get but that doesn't give you any right to look at me like that. Fucking perv! But you can't stop staring, can you? I'm so fucking hot. It is kinda fun for me to tease you and see how weak you get me loser. I can tell that you have a thing for young, bratty school girls, don't you? But you're just an old pervert, you're too old for me lol.
You're so lucky I'm even teasing you like this. I can see that bulge in your pants. It's so pathetic. Your old pervy cock is getting so hard for a hot young girl, that really is gross. I don't care how horny you get, I'm not interested in you. And you know you shouldn't really be doing what you are doing right now. You know that I live in the neighborhood. I know who you are and where you live and who your wife is. And I could tell her how you perv on me. I'm sure you go home and jerkoff to me behind her back. I'm sure she wouldn't want to know that.
Look at you pervert, you can't stop staring at me and looking up my skirt. You really are pathetic. And you're know you're in big trouble now. Do you want me to ruin your life? Just one phone call and I could ruin you. But you don't want me to do that, right? You want to keep it only between us, right loser? Well since you love to stare at me in my cute little outfits, why don't you start buying them for me? Yes, buy me all this cute little stuff to wear. Spoil me and maybe, just maybe, I'll let you watch me more and I'll keep my mouth shut. Or maybe I should just tell her anyway lol!
What if you emptied your wallet on my new outfits and I told her anyway? LOL! Well you have no choice, do you? Your life is about to be ruined by a pretty young girl, so you better do what I'm telling you to. Start spending on me. Yes. I know you want to watch me more and more. So spoil me. Show me how much you appreciate my hot young body, you old pervert. I know you can't resist my young, perfect body. You'll do anything for a hot young thing like me. You are old and pathetic and you will do anything for the attention of a young girl like me. How pathetic and disgusting. It's not about you and your horny cock, it's about me getting what I want from you. Using my power, my youth and beauty to ruin your fucking life.
And I know you don't want your wife to know so I know you will do what I want. I know just how to manipulate old perverts like you. You're so fucked. Spoil my hot young body, you stupid old pervert and maybe I will allow you to stroke to me next time. And I know you want that to happen. You don't want to have a serious conversation with your wife. You just want to sit here and stroke to me for hours. So be a good boy, open your wallet and give me what I want. I know you're weak for me. I know you want to see me again. So go buy me some outfits and maybe, just maybe, I won't ruin your life.

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