Madame Brooks - Nikki Brooks - Office Sissy Humiliation

Added: 04-05-2021

Madame Brooks is so glad you can make it to the meeting that you scheduled with her. She knows the rest of your buddies will be here in about 10 minutes or so. Did you not want your co workers and employer to know that you beg to dress up like a girl, lock yourself in a cage and beg to wear her shoes?
Now, you're going to strip for Madame Brooks and get dressed in your sissy attire OR she is going to stay on the conference table and you'll have to explain to your employer as to why she is sitting there dressed like that. It will be difficult to get out of this one. She loves holding this over your head. This is the ultimate CONTROL!!
It looks like you chose the right decision. Are those pink panties and the pantyhose you stole from Madame Brooks? She makes you get on your knees like the sissy bitch that you are and worship her pantyhose feet. Should she tell your conference buddies that your clitty is locked in a chastity device?
Madame Brooks straddles your face and teases you with her pussy. Enjoying herself as she watches your clitty burst out of it's cage and sees you dressed in your cute frills for her.
"OH! I didn't tell you, I had your secretary move up your meeting so everyone can see you like this. Just embrace it sissy bitch. It's time for you to come out of the closet."

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