Madam Violet - Unburdened and Enslaved - Brainwash

Added: 04-05-2021

Deep, profound trance only for the intelligent male that understands *ego* is pain - and.not the good kind. Listen repetitively for the most intense impact on your psyche. Use in conjunction with other ego destruction files. I will make you a better human as I make you Mine.
I am going to make so very very HEAVY only to leave you lighter at the end than you were at the beginning. I will unburden you so I can enslave you. I will make sure that CUM, by CUM I drag that false idol - your ego- off its throne of lies. Less EGO more GODDESS. When you are free from your ego you can step into your TRUE powerful masculinity - as a servant, a slave. Where your ego once was, there will be a gaping hole for me to fuck.
A very thorough, professional induction, NO STROKING. Progressive muscle relaxation, fractionation deepener. I want you DEEP, completely focussed on ME and not your cock. Not yet. Let's DESTROY your ego, so I can free your mind…and give it to ME. You don’t need to do anything. For 40 minutes I am in charge…and it’s such a relief to just LET GO.
I know you want MORE pleasure, to demonstrate MORE obedience, to feel a deeper SURRENDER. More MEANING isn’t that what we are all looking for? Some fucking point to all of this madness. I AM that point, I am that reason and with your ego out of the way you can concentrate on the REAL source of endless surrendered pleasure.
Only after you are deep in trance, mind-fucked into surrender do I allow you to STROKE. You focus on the pleasure of your cock as I coach your subconscious mind, seducing it into total obedience; buh-bye ego…less ego MORE GODDESS. When I'm done with you, I allow you to CUM and then I count you up back into the room…Feeling so much LIGHTER than before…less ego, more room for Goddess are welcome slave.
*Watch with headphones. This file also works as audio only.

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