HumiliationPOV - Candy Glitter - A Mindless Twitching Idiot For Princess Candy - Masturbation Instruction

Added: 05-05-2021

HumiliationPOV welcomes back Candy Glitter with a brand new exclusive clip for HumiliationPOV! Princess Candy is soooo bratty in this clip, she will have you wrapped around her finger with her cock control and bratty attitude.
I have a really exciting jerk session planned for you today, slave boy. I know how much you love jerking for Princess Candy. I know how hard it makes you. And I know how easy it is for me to make your cock Twitch. So put your hand on your cock and start stroking for me. I want you edge you cock. But you don't really need me to instruct you, you've been jerking for me for so long. You're a mindless little jerkaholic. So when I tell you to jerk, you just start pumping, you don't ask questions, you just obey, you just fucking stroke.
So what is Princess Candy going to do with the mindless little jerk junkie? The answer is, whatever the fuck I want lol. Pump it, edge it, I want you to get right on the fucking edge for me. It shouldn't take long for a jerkaholic like you. I know that the instant you see my perfect body you you become a mindless little fucking moron, just edging and pumping. So stupid. Go faster. Jerk for my hot body. Jerk for my bratty fucking perfection. It's so easy for me to mindfuck you and manipulate you and turn you into a stupid little jerk zombie. And no cumming, if I wanted you to cum I would tell you to. I want you to stay weak and horny for me. I want that cock to be throbbing for me. No cumming unless I give you permission. Say, 'Yes Princess Candy, whatever you say.' LOL!
Jerk it for me loser. Does your cock feel good? Is it aching and throbbing for me? You know I have such power over you, I could just snap my fingers and tell you to take your hand off and deny you completely. But would I really do that to you after teasing you with my hot body over and over again? I don't know... I fucking love denying you. And in fact, I'm really fucking good at it.
Go on, stroke it faster, that cock is so fucking hard for me. My tiny little top and these tiny little panties make you so horny. Jerk faster you weak mindless little horny idiot. A weak mindless little jerkahlic just waiting on my next instruction. You see I love denying you and I know you love being denied by me because you're a little toy for my amusement. I can do whatever the fuck I want with you. And I want you to jerk it faster and get right to the edge for me. Princess Candy owns that cock. Say, 'Yes Princess Candy, you own my cock.' Edge it hard for me. It's throbbing for me and I'm going to make it twitch now. And you know what that meeans... Remove your hand immediately.
I want you to sit on your hands and that way there's no temptation to touch while you look down and watch it twitch in the air for Princess Candy. Look at that cock twitch. I got you so horny, edged you so hard and then just left you there with a hard twitching cock. Miles away, through your computer screen, I have that power over your stupid dick. I have the power to physically move your cock. Let it twitch for me. I know what will make it twitch even more, my perfect tits and my perfect bratty body. Twitch for my tits and these tiny little panties. You are so pathetic. Does seeing my nipples through this sheer top make your cock twitch? And my sexy ass with my sexy high heels is sure to make your cock twitch even more.
I know you'd love to pump for me while I'm teasing you relentlessly with my body, but this is your reality, denial. Just a hard cock twitching in the air for me. Let it twitch. I own that cock. No touching, just twitching. You don't deserve to touch your cock, you deserve to be bossed around by hot dominant brats. Is that cock twitching for me, is it begging you to put your hand back on it and pump and pump until you blow? Well too fucking bad! Because I want you to twitch, I wanna make it twitch. I want you to ache for me. No cumming for you, only twitching. Through a computer screen I make you twitch, that's how weak you are for me. That's how fucked you are for Princess Candy. Feel my power, it makes you twitch, doesn't it? It makes you want to go deeper and deeper for me. Should I let you stroke just a little more before I let you go? Hmmm... No! I don't want to make you cum, I want to make you twitch. I want to make you weak and desperate. I wanna turn you into a horny little mindless puddle. A mindfucked little twitching toy. That's what I want. And I always get what I want.

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