Goddess Jessica - Dr. Jessica, Slave Urologist - Medical Play

Added: 06-05-2021

The scene begins with your patient naked (covered by a flimsy gown) and restrained to the medical table. You enter and introducing yourself as Dr. Jessica, a urologist and doctor for slaveboys. You would tell me not to struggle, that i've been stripped and restrained by your nurses for a reason and that is procedure with all boys who are your patients. I am in your office at my mistress request because she trusts you to give me a full examination and that I better behave or else i will be punished. You then proceed to pull my gown and feel my stomach with your fingertips, pressing in hard and feeling for any abnormalities (if you have a stethoscope you listen to my chest and tell me to breath in and out a few times). You then inform me that next you will examine my penis and testicles thoroughly. You snap on a pair of gloves before pulling my gown down all the way to bring my tiny cock to light. You then begin to laugh. You tease me over how small my cock is and about having a little erection. You ask me some embarrassing questions "does my cock work?" "do i ever have trouble getting erect" "do i always get erections in from of female doctors?" You then measure my cock with a small ruler or something similar and announce that is barely 1 inch and tease me some more. You feel my cock and give me a thorough examination pinching and flicking my little cock with your gloves hands. You chastise me for squirming and order me to hold competely still. Then you move on to my testicles, feeling each one and having me cough before individually squeezing them tightly. You chastise me some more for moving during the exam and order me to remain still. You shake your head, disgusted and tell me that with my cock being so small it is of no use to my mistress. (remove your gloves) To me that you are certainly going to recommend to my mistress that I be locked in a tight chastity device. That you can fit me for one today and get me locked up right away for my mistress good and my own good. You tell me not to worry, even though i cant use my cock it is still possible to experience some pleasure and maybe even a rare orgasm through anal play and prostate stimulation and that you can show me how. That leads us to the next part of our exam. You unstrap my ankles and instruct me to raise my legs back so that you can see my anus. You apply a fresh pair of gloves and a surgical mask then squirt lube onto some fingers and apply to my anus before telling me to take a deep breath and then pushing inside me. You start pressing into me slowly telling me you know how good that feels, you know that I like it. You soon start picking up the pace fucking me faster and faster with your fingers all while teasing me and telling me that this is how I will cum from now on, locked in chastity with fingers or toys in my butt. Eventually you would get bored of teasing and stimulating me, tell me i'm taking to long and then tell me you will give me a countdown from 10 to cum. You count down from 10 and then remove your fingers mocking me for not being able to cum. The video ends with you telling me it is too bad i couldnt cum in time and that you are now going to put my chastity device on.

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