Lyra Louvel - Pink Slip II

Added: 21-04-2016
Lyra Louvel - Pink Slip II

I've been working as a secretary for five years now, my boss' business has been thriving. We' re in a high rise building, he's been doing business with very wealthy people, some of which are famous! He's been making friends with other's in the industry, bringing them to our office, and he seems ashamed of me. He asked me to "doll up a little," he wants me to wear form fitting pencil skirts, and fitted blouses instead of my usual modest pants and jacket. I've been accommodating him, but I can tell he admires his colleague's secretaries, and I am afraid that any day now I will get a pink slip.I come into his office early to "have a talk." I wonder if he will ask me to wear make-up, he's been not-so-discretely hinting at it all week. He tells me he wants to "let me go." I can't allow it! I love my job, and even though my boss is acting like a prick lately, I love working for him too. He's very easy going and generous with my salary. I tell him to "give me one more day, and tomorrow morning I will wow him with my new look." He agrees.I leave and drive to my home. I've bought very expensive increased beauty elixir they are meant to increase my bust and butt. That's exactly what I need to fill out my sexy secretary outfits. I've been nervous to take it, it's not been approved by the FDA, but I'm desperate! I swallow the entire bottle, and the effects immediately take place. I begin to sweat. I can feel my ass getting bulbous, it rips the skirt open, my pussy is wet, oh-- I feel so horny. My breasts get larger, straining my buttons, I burst them open when I can no longer handle the uncomfortable pressure. I pinch my swollen nipples. My clit is aching, throbbing, and it's GROWING! My clit grows into a penis, complete with balls! I stroke it, playing with the balls. The pleasure it gives me to touch myself is tremendous. I don't realize that my lips turn from pale pink to luscious red. My cheeks flush. I stroke my wet, throbbing clit-cock until I cum. I collapse from the orgasm. I wake up in the morning, oh no..! I am running late for work. I look down and see cum all over from my orgasm. "It was real?" I check my crotch and my pussy is still there. "Was it a dream?" I look at my body in the mirror, my breasts are still larger, and my ass is bubbly, I've got to put on my hottest outfit to show off my new assets!I rush out to show my boss and he smiles, pleasantly surprised. He reaches for my breast. "What?" I back up, hesitantly, but he tells me that this is now part of my job description. I swallow my nerves and allow him to touch me. The frustration builds inside of me and I can feel my clit aching again. It's growing! He watches me with wide, interested eyes. I grow a cock, a smaller one at first, and then it grows to massive proportions. I am hungry for release, I need to cum, I NEED him to make me cum.I throw him down and tell him to take off his pants. I'm no longer sweet, but I am dominant and ready to take him. I ease myself into his tight ass and thrust back and forth. It feels amazing to feel the rim of his anus squeeze my sensitive, thick dick. I cum deep inside of him, and my cock is drippy. I cum deep inside of his ass. I'm going to be the boss now, and he's my secretary.

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