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Added: 23-05-2021

Mandy Marx is your psychoanalyst. She is going to take you through an experimental treatment, complete with mesmerizing audio and visual effects and triggers, meant to cure you of your chronic masturbation. Traditional treatments have not worked for you, have they? You need this.
So nice of you to join me again. For best patient and viewing outcomes, sit in a comfortable chair with arms. Do your best to strap yourself down, leaving only one arm free. Are you ready to begin? Beginning in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... This may become confusing...
Your vision may change. Obviously we have gone through all the traditional procedures with you and those have not worked for you. So we have saved exclusive experimental procedures for you. This one is going to divide your personality into different segments. So if it seems like something about me has changed, we've opened a different door inside of you, a different facet of your addiction. I understand addiction, it goes so deep inside you and that's why we have go inside your mind even deeper than normal. And we are going to need to strap you down. But you find that two pieces of your body are free, your hand and your cock. This might not feel like anything too deep, just an action, a desire, a compulsion.
The rhythm of your jerking will give me an insight, so I'm going to watch it closely. You can begin. You already have. (Note: Patient's breathing has sped up, his face is getting flushed, and he appears to be twitching.) In or out of clinic setting, this is humiliating. All strapped down in a special chair that had to be made just for you. Legs spread wide, knees, calfs, ankles strapped and secured. Just stroking. Eyes fixed on me. And the only freedom of one hand and that twitching addicted cock. This demonstration, the entire exercise, it wasn't built to humiliate you. Yet it's doing that.
We've tried just about everything, every treatment, traditional, obscure, experimental. What do we have to do to control you? Hold you here as a patient 24/7? Keep you out of the world of powerful women? That scary little feeling that starts to build every time I try something new and special on you, it only grows your addiction complex, your addiction to addiction. Every treatment becomes the new addiction. Maybe we need a more permanent treatment, a deeper treatment, a longer treatment. A treatment without choices. A treatment with rules. No more suggestions. A treatment for true addicts.
The way it plays out in the real world, you press play, watch porn, jerk, and drool. Every powerful woman you come across at work could play you. You have too much will. Is that what we should do? Take away your free will? Make your new home here, 24/7 in that little chair of yours completely strapped down except for one arm. You are mine. Jerk. If you ever want free will back again in your life, just take your hand off of your cock, right now. You can't, can you? It's hard, isn't it? Work it for me. Use that hand how you should. Use it.
What free will? What job? What life? Once my pet, then my patient, and then my pet again. Once I've wrung you through the ringer, you feel like you can control yourself. That type of exhaustion control is an illusion, because what happens next, is that you'll get hard again and it will be the same thing all over again. That's why I'm not going to let you out. That's why you'll stay in your chair. Once you have control of yourself when you're hard and horny, that's when you'll have a grasp on this. That's when I can let you out. But until that day, you've shown me just the opposite. That's why I'm going to leave you in. Until that day, you and I are going to get to know each other very well. You'll get to know all sides of me. But for now I'm just going to let you stay there.

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