Goddess Valora - Drone To Militant X - Brainwash

Added: 11-05-2021

You're a superhero who's been taken into captivity by a new evil villain. As you're held inside her fortress, she finally introduces herself. This busty, power hungry woman's name is Militant X and she's the step-sister of Power Girl. Militant X is seeking revenge on her step-sister for not fulfilling the genetic legacy which is to enslave and conquer all worlds. Since Power Girl failed at enslaving the human race, Militant X will take over as a way to leave her step-sister no choice but to come fight her. Then they'll be able to battle with their big tits and fight each other's clothes off.
You really don't want any part of this as Power Girl is an ally to you but your thinking quickly changes when Militant X makes it change. Suddenly, she's in your mind controlling you, but mainly your cock. She implants visions and ideas of you fucking her and filling and covering her in cum. This desire in unfightable and you find yourself masturbating for this powerful woman. Once she extracts your first load, you'll be her drone, the first of many. Your job will be to recruit other strong human men once Militant X grants you her power to manipulate minds. When you come-to, you will awake in the hospital, unable to remember any of this but your mind will no longer be your own...

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