HumiliationPOV - Sara Saint - Fall Deeper Into Your Pumping Addiction - Relapse Fantasy - Brainwash

Added: 11-05-2021

Sara Saint is so sensually dominant, you will melt with her words as you can't take your eyes off of her perfect body.
I know you love when you get the chance to worship me and my perfect body. Your cock gets so hard every time you see me. It's so easy for me to have this effect on you. You love stroking to me over and over again. You're addicted to stroking to my hot, young body. And I don't blame you, I mean just look at how tight my body is. I want you to pump to me, pump and never stop, over and over again. More and more. You can't stop, can you? And I know you've tried to quit pumping your dick to me every single day. But why would you want to quit something that feels so good? There is nothing wrong with this, nothing. So why stop? Jerking feels good, it gives you pleasure, there's nothing wrong with jerking off to me every day. It's your little escape from your sad reality. You need this escape, it's healthy for you, so just keep pumping to me. Don't ever quit.
Keep pumping to me, relåpse and stroke. Stroke over and over again. This is what you want, this is what you love. There's no need to quit. Your addiction to jerking off to me is the best part of your day. There's nothing wrong with jerking off. So relåpse into your jerking addiction, just let go of all that worry and pump for me. I want you to pump for me every day. Don't quit, it feels too good to ever stop. You love these moments when you can worship my body with your cock in your hand. So why would you ever stop? Just fall deeper into your pumping addiction. With every pump, you get weaker and weaker. Relåpse for me. Good boy.
Stay right here with me as my pumping puppet. Pump with me puppet. It feels so good. Pump to my body, get lost in it. I know how obsessed you are with my body. You can't look at it without pumping to it. Pump for me, pump slave. You see, after just a few minutes of pumping to me again, you already realize that you don't want to quit this. You want to remain my pumping puppet forever. You want to stroke to me forever. It's so easy for me to seduce you with my body. Pump to my ass, to my long legs. You love to be my toy. Just stroke to me over and over again, let that addiction sink in deep again. Good boy. Fall into this addiction, deeper and deeper. Don't ever stop, never quit pumping to me. This is the only way for you to get pleasure, by pumping your cock to me. Fuck your hand. Pump it for me and be grateful that I'm teasing you, be grateful that I'm encouraging you.
Return to your old habit of jerking to me every day. There's no reason to quit. You can't quit, you're too weak. You will always come back to me. Every time you try to escape, you come back, and your addiction just grows stronger and stronger. There is no way for you to quit. You can feel it now, you can feel how much you need it in your life. Without pumping your life is meaningless. You need to pump to me in your miserable life. You need it like air. Pump for me, slave. It feels so good, doesn't it. It feels so good to feel weak and stupid and just stroke. You could stay like this forever, and you will be, for me. I will be encouraging you every day while I tease you. You will be so addicted to pumping your dick to me.
There is no escape from this. You don't have the will power. This is what you need. Just stroking and pumping, that's all that you need. Good boy. And remember, every time you try to escape, it will come back even stronger. You can feel it, can't you? Yes, you can, so just keep pumping...

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