Natashas Bedroom - Locking Up Sissy - Masturbation Instruction

Added: 13-05-2021

Attention sissies! All good girls must stop what they're doing and lock up their clitties. That means you! This is a mandatory sissy chastity lockdown. Put your cage on, close the lock, and prepare to undergo an intense sissy chastity training lesson. You're going to be pantied, pussy plugged, and taught how to cum with a vibrator in chastity.
Chastity is for sissies. When you're locked up and dripping, you're so easy to mold into an emasculated and feminized submissive slut. And that's exactly what I want you to be.
You're going to learn how good it feels to play with your pussy when your clitty is imprisoned and locked up. How frustrated and desperate the vibrations of your magic wand make your clitty feel through its cage. Your eyes will roll back in your head, which is empty except for thoughts of being a pleasing little slut, as your vibrator is pressed against your clitty and your ass pussy is stretched wide. You will squirt in your panties and clean up your mess with enthusiasm. Will I unlock you after? Maybe. Then again, maybe not...

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