Princess Miki - WaifuBot Knows Who You Are - Masturbation Instruction

Added: 14-05-2021

By Princess Miki Aoki

Tired of being a sexless handhumper, you finally decide to take the plunge and purchase the closest thing to a sentient girlfriend: a sex bot.

WaifuBot 2.0’s are impressive machines. The manufacturer prides itself on utilizing porn search histories and other information to create unique, virtually perfect companions for every single user. Advanced AI has truly made the ultimate “girlfriend experience” possible, even to those who have a hard time dating.

In other words, you paid a boatload of money to get your hands on your version of the perfect woman: a tangible Waifu, so that you can at least experience the closest thing there is to being sexually desired by a woman.

However, this particular sex bot doesn’t have any interest in having sex with you… because she knows who you are… and what you want.

She knows you enjoy being degraded, emasculated, and humiliated. She knows you love to be denied of pussy, so she knows exactly what to do: she reminds you that you are undeserving of even her fake doll holes.

If you sent over your search history, you shouldn’t have expected anything other than the product you received… unless you’re a brain fried handhumper, of course.

Helplessly and shamefully, you stroke to the body you purchased but can’t have, as the bot instructs. Obedience is second nature to you, even when it comes to obeying artificial intelligence.

All of this only proves that you can’t run from your true identity of being a sexless beta who only exists to be denied by the women he’s unworthy of: even the fake ones.

The best evidence is the ecstasy you’re experiencing while being humiliated by… a sex robot.

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