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Added: 14-05-2021

**Custom- No names used**
"Begins with your leather butt close up to the camera and say "ready to go to work puppy?"You walk away slowly and explain that you and your bf want a puppy.You decided youre turning me into your pup as I love sniffing your ass.You explain that Ill be encased in a latex with my hands wrapped like paws, with butt plug tail in at all times.(Holding a collar and leash)you explain that I will be walked around with a leash by you and your bf.You spank your ass and say its a pupys dream being allowed to sniff my ass all day, and say "You even get to sniff it in my leather pants, puppy!"You explain that I will be walked and that my nose will be rubbed in any "accidents".You then spread your ass cheeks apart in leather and say "I know how excited you are to have your nose in there and sniffing, puppy".Then you say not to get too excited because you and your bf will be puppy training me, including putting me in chastity."That's right ass sniffer, puppies dont ever get strokes or to cum - so youll be locked in chastity except for when youve been on your best behaviour and deserve a milking.Not by me "ew" youll be h"Then say "You will rest at the foot of our bed hearing us have sex and my bf moan while I stroke his cock.Youll be locked in your kennel on date nights and get to hear us fuck while youre locked up."Youll be hookedup to a puppy milking machine..but that won't happen often."Then squeeze your ass and point to your crack and say "Put your nose there and take a big sniff puppy!""

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