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Added: 14-05-2021

I like big dicks and I can not lie. Yours is puny. How do you expect to ever please me with... that? - As Sydney's husband you already know you're not really worthy of her. One day, you come home early and in your bedroom you catch her trying on a super-sexy bathing suit you’ve never seen before. Quickly she covers herself with a robe, but since she got caught trying on sexy things, she decides to finally tell you what's been going on. She describes how she needs to tell you a long overdue truth about your sex life: You have a small penis. After she admits this, Sydney feels more comfortable and drops the robe. You can tell how sexy she looks in her bathing suit. She teases you all while reminding you how small you are. Next she orders you to take off your clothes. Sydney brings in a tape measure to measure your flaccid penis. She giggles and looks up at you, in shock, and says “one and a half inches!”. Right after measuring your soft penis and setting the ruler down, Sydney starts teasing you while humiliating you for having such a tiny dick. To Sydney's surprise, the teasing and humiliating have gotten you hard. Sydney measures again when your dick is raging hard but still, the measuring tape doesn't lie. Still super small. Sydney switches gears and assumes her natural role as a Domme. Getting turned on by humiliating you and getting turned on that the humiliation turns you on as well. She gets naked and becomes more and more demanding, humiliating you in the process. She comes over to where you are sitting and shoves her pussy in your face, demanding you to eat it. She gets so turned on by this that she plays with herself for a while. All you get to do is watch and wait in anticipation of what Sydney is about to do next.

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