Nikki Brooks - The Secret Society of Men - Masturbation Instruction

Added: 16-05-2021

Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Nikki Brooks - The Secret Society of Men - We Have Exactly What You Want, POV
**Starring Nikki Brooks**
A very perverse & extreme clip.
I'm here to make sure you belong in our secret society - there's a screening process before you get to the "buffet" of pleasures, starting with performance, of course, safety, and making sure we have exactly what you want.
You are one of many, this pleasure that you seek, it's very common. These things are very taboo, yet everyone does them, don't they? Oh, don't worry, we're safe here, this house was specifically designed for men such as yourself - men who search for special pleasures.
There are memberships ranking at different levels, if you know what I mean. There's silver, much like myself, then we drop it to gold, take a look at my hand... and there's platinum, those tend to be the favorite. There is the VIP, too, that offers extra perks, like their holes back here. In the end, it's whatever you prefer.
I'd like to ask you a few questions to see if there's a "physical" reaction. Do you like them in their beginning stages? Do you like their breasts puffy and swollen? Budding? Do you prefer long legs? Shorter ones? There it is, that look and sense of relief that I know exactly what you're feeling, that I know exactly what you want, and I have it for you.
You know, we have brunettes, blondes, redheads, curly, straight, wavy, different skin tones, all sorts of beautiful girls...and boys. We cater to everyone, all pleasures. Can you imagine that nice, young, succulent tongue wrapped around the tip of your shaft? Her big, round eyes, bright as the day, looking up at you as she barely stands tall. You can guide it straight into her mouth, and just like in your fantasy, they know exactly what to do with it.
You see, our girls are trained very well, we put them through rigorous training courses so that we match the client to perfection. Some men like to be rougher than others, they prefer that step-daddy role, where they can face-fuck them, and the head has to be small enough, doesn't it? The mouth tight enough, and you only get that at a certain membership level.
You can have as many girls as you like - 2, 3, 4, 5. We have a gentleman who uses half of them every week when he comes in. We even have twin sisters, if that's something you'd be interested in. We host dinner parties where you can sit at the table with other like-minded men, drinks in hands, and have your favorite girl suck your cock. Is that what you fap to? A life like that?
We're open 24 hours, so whenever time that urge comes, just call us and we'll have her waiting for you. Do you like onesie pajamas? I always find it hotter when you make them strip out of it. You know what, hang tight, and I'll go grab one of them, wake them from their nap.

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