Goddess Natalie - The coronavirus hypno - Brainwash

Added: 19-05-2021

I know that some of you are genuinely worried about it and go through a pretty rough time mentally, psychologically, as you're trying to put up with all the anxiety caused by the virus going around.
Although I can play scientist and reassure you all I want that you'll be fine as long as you wash your hands, disinfect phones, door knobs etc and try to stay indoor as much as possible, I know you need something else!
I know that what you truly need is someone to be there for you, to lull you into a state of comfort and relaxation, to calm you down with her voice and make you feel protected. I know you need to feel safe in my arms, as you let go of all worries!
And that's exactly what I'm going to give you today, but on top of that, I'm going to transform your body and give you the antibodies it takes to fight coronavirus. I'm going to transform your immune system and make you stronger than you've ever thought you could be!
Once you'll go through this special trip, you won't just be mentally better and more relaxed, but also fully protected, physically strong and able to cure others around you with just one touch. Trust me, I'm a licensed h*p*otist

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