Goddess Natalie - Mesmerized to wear a collar for me - Findom

Added: 19-05-2021

I realize that this whole sitting at home not doing much to improve the situation got you feeling even more worthless and useless than usual! I understand that, and trust me, as a male, no matter whether you're a submissive one or not, it is absolutely normal to feel this way when the whole world feels like it's falling apart around you while you got your hands tied.
I have a little secret to tell you that will cheer you up. You are actually not being that worthless for a change and you're helping the world big time by sitting at home on your ass and jerking off, binging to my clips! And I will tell you more about that soon!
But just to make sure you feel less useless in the world while you're isolating yourself at home, I came up with this game that will give more meaning to your life! A game that involves my perfect boobs, since it's titty day today! Since you're in quarantine and can't do much to change that, you can at least help fund my fancy lifestyle to feel more useful to the world and to me!
You could send and spend while you goon and please me! You could edge for me and my perfect breasts, all to my instructions, get your little bottle and inhale under my guidance, make me wanna call you a "good boy" and then send again. Just pump, edge, send, goon again! That's the spirit!

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