Raquel Roper - A Dirty Reward - Foot Fetish Pov

Added: 20-05-2021

The scene opens with you relaxing back with your feet up and your soles showing to the camera. Your soles are covered in the sort of dry dirt you get from walking around barefoot on wooden floors all day. I am your slave and, of late, you have been very impressed with my service and have decided to give me a big reward. As a one-off, I am going to be allowed to lick all the delicious dirt of of your perfect, beautiful soles. You also know how grateful this will make me to you and how much harder I will now try to please you in order to possibly earn the chance to clean your soles again in future. After a while of heavenly sole licking, you throw in a surprise for me. As such a well performing slave, you have decided to give me the ultimate reward! You lean in towards the camera and begin picking your nose. As you do this you tell me “thats right slave, I’m going to allow you to eat my bogies/snot”. Only the most obedient, submissive and worshipful slaves are allowed this honour. When you’re finished with me, it’s time to be locked back in my box until you require me again.
If you would be amenable to wearing some skin tight leggings, I’d be grateful.

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