Natalie Wonder - The Orphan - VIRTUAL SEX

Added: 24-05-2021

Are you adjusting to your new home? It must be a big change from the orphanage. As soon as I saw you...I just KNEW...there was something special about you. That's why I chose you and decided to bring you home with me. We'll be spending lots of time together. Your shoes? You can just throw them in that bin. You won't be needing them anymore since you won't be going outside. I'll be home schooling you too. Although most of your lessons will involve sucking and licking. You won't leave my side. EVER.
I wanted to have a taste SO BAD on that car ride home. I have a hungry appetite for boys like you. I want you to know something boy, I get whatever I want. And I wanted YOU at the orphanage. And guess what? I got you. I did you a great big favor. Now you will thank me for the rest of your life. Mmmmm I love running my hands through your hair...against your face. You are so cute. It took all I had to resist jumping on top of you in the car ride home. I wanted to kiss you all over...just how I'm gonna do now. Mmmm mmmm let me wet my appetite a appetite for boys like you that I love taking under my wing. You WILL do what I want you to do. I think you know where this is heading, don't you boy. I want you to call me MUMMY. Say it. SAY IT BOY. Or I'll smack you. You like getting your face smacked? Mmmmm who's your mummy? Who's gonna take great take of you? Me, boy. I'm your mummy from now on.
I've waited long for a boy like you to live here with me and NEVER LEAVE. Whenever your mummy needs a little fix I'll come down here to the basement where I'll keep you. That's it...I love rubbing my tits on your face. Suck on your mummy's nipples boy. Oh you are a good boy. It seems you need a bit of . I can be a bad, depraved mummy. But you might like it. My pussy is aching for you. I need to straddle that naughty boy face of yours. Time for some home-schooling...a lesson in face fucking mummy's pussy. Having your face in between mummy's legs is so much better than being in that orphanage, right boy? Just wait till mummy starts using that hard cock. And don't you dare tell mummy no. Mummy needs to cum again and again while finally being able to live out my dark desires. You're MY boy now...

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