Madam Violet - Better IN Than OUT - MESMERIZE

Added: 26-05-2021


I’m going to demonstrate to you how it is much better in than out. That your cum is better in that out and that EVERYTHING is better when you stay inside of the trance bubble I create for you. The second you CUM the warm fuzzy, gooey blanket of total mental surrender, comfort, safety and submission vanishes and you are EJECTED back out into the cold harsh light of reality. Don’t take My word for it; let Me prove it to you.

Just obey and I will do the rest, take you down into heaven, a place where you can be true horny pathetic self, with the only Woman you know that doesn't want to change you. I ACCEPT you and lead you DOWN into sexual surrender, mental submission, where nothing matters but the pleasure I SNAP into your body and mind. FORGET all the cares and worries, just EXIST in this bliss I create around you, inside you. I PUMP your mind full of ‘correct thinking’ as you STROKE your cock full of CUM.

The better I make it feel, the more you NEED to cum. But are you sure slave that you want to leave…? Because THIS is what you really want, being in here with ME, the surrender still in you, the cum still in you, the pleasure still in you…not the flash of a fleeting orgasm. But I know it feels TOO GOOD and you MUST CUM, no matter how bad you want to stay, ORGASM is just too tempting….I count you down and the SECOND I SNAP you EJACULATE and you are EJECTED, wide awake, and instantly you can FEEL the contrast and instantly you want to get back in to heaven…

Better out than in slave, like I told you. You will learn eventually.

Contains: mesmerise, mental domination, men following orders, female domination, mindfuck ,JOI, masturbation encouragement ,sensual domination, powerful woman, goddess worship, slave training, tit worship, cum countdown, love addiction, femdom POV.

File Name : 11___ BetterINThanOUT
Format: MPEG-4
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Duration: 00:18:30
Video: AVC, 1260 x 720, 24.000 FPS, 1526 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 2 channels, 128 kb/s


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