Madam Violet - Make The Pleasure Last Forever - Brainwash

Added: 28-05-2021

Strip and stroke straight away. Doesn’t it feel let go of the real world for a while and escape into the desire and arousal and surrender. Nothing can compare to this, the slow burning anticipation, the aching in your balls, the throbbing in your cock, the DROP in your mind. Horny and mindless, not a care in the world....
Good bitch, stroke yourself deeper and harder as I move My body to fuck your mind...stroke however you want just do NOT cum. It’s EASY to please Me - PERV at My PERFECTION, PUMP your cock but do not cum...we want this pleasure to last, you want to stay here, lost in the sexual ecstasy that comes from mental surrender....Mmmmmmm good bitch, STROKE...
The only problem is that pleasure doesn’t last. The brief explosion of orgasm gives way to emptiness, CUM and you go. Bad for both of us. So how can you maintain this level of surrender? How to deepen this level of can you stay here forever with Me and carry on with ‘real life’? What’s the solution? What’s the answer?
If you do as I say I can give you a way...a way to make the pleasure last forever...for both of us...

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