Madam Violet - Don't LOSE All CONTROL - Brainwash

Added: 29-05-2021

Just DOn’t LOSE CONTROL. Just don’t stroke. Dick oozing pre-cum, pulse racing, mouth moaning...cock pulsing...Just. Don’t. LOSE CONTROL. Yes I will mindfuck you hard and all you have to do is resist the overpowering urge to grab your dick and pump.
Strip, sit and listen. Watch Me and weep dick tears. Test yourself...and watch yourself fail. I use My body to destroy you, My words tricking your brain, confusing your cock. You WILL succumb it’s just a matter of *when*. I make sure you NEED to STROKE. I make it impossible for you to do anything but LOSE CONTROL and stroke…My ass and breasts, My eyes, no man definitely not you, can resist.
Come here and lick My tits - NO stroking, drip and ache and lick! YOU WILL GIVE IN. Hold your TREMBLING WET dick and DO not STROKE as you admit it “I have no control around you Madam Violet”. Good pathetic bitch. That’s how it SHOULD be. It’s ok, it’s RIGHT....Of course before you know it you’re beating your traitor dick like your life depends on it.
Losing all control in front of Me…losing all control. And the pure desperation flooding your body means you will OBEY just to will cost you of course -but you choose the currency. Choose carefully slave, you’ve already proven yourself to be a pathetic helpless weak bitch...let’s try and keep *some* dignity intact.

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