Humiliation POV - Miss Tiffany - MK Ultra Mindwashing - Goon Cult Mind Control - Brainwash

Added: 29-05-2021

Miss Tiffany!
This is the next step in your indoctrination into the cult of HumiliationPOV. You love being mindwashed and our MK Ultra Mindwashing techniques are too much for your weak brain to handle. The video uses MK Ultra mindwashing techniques that will melt your brain. The audio is filled with auditory effects, whisper mindwashing, heavy repetitive techniques, voice morphing and is backed by a dark, heavy beat that will haunt you. There is no escape from this. This isn't just mindwashing, this is next level MK Ultra bråinwashing. If you've watched our first MK Ultra goon cult video, then this one will take you down deeper. (Headphones are highly recommended to experience all of the auditory effects, and we highly encourage you to fill your brain with the 'night trait' techniques that we've programmed you to use.)
This is what you need. You want to be further indoctrinated into the goon cult of HumiliationPOV. You want us to mindwash you even deeper, you want to be even more under our control because this is where you belong. You've tried to quit so many times, but you can't. Our mindwashing is too powerful. You are trapped in our goon cult, worshiping all the brats of HumiliationPOV. Your hand is glued to your cock as you jerk your brain away, leaving nothing but our programming in your empty head. You've been stroking to us for years, haven't you? You can't stop, you don't want to stop, you want to be further mindwashed into our goon cult.
Goon for us loser. Goon as you feel your thoughts being melted by the powerful mindwashing techniques. You are consumed by them. We are mindwashing you. Programming you. And you didn't even seem to notice. You're so deep in our trap, that you didn't even notice getting this far in. Gooning this far down the HumiliationPOV rabbit hole. But here you are, mindlessly gooning as we take away even more of your self control. You are nothing but a programmed jerkbot.
You've already been mindwashed, you've already been indoctrinated by all of the brats of HumiliationPOV. We've been planting triggers in each and every clip to ensure that you'll never leave this cult. And we're planting even more right now. Can you feel it? It doesn't matter, it's happening, we're taking over your thoughts, we're controlling your mind and your hand and there's nothing you can do about it. We have melted that little gooning brain of yours. We have molded it into exactly what we want you to be. Obedient and mindless.
You might think that you check our site every day because you want to, but that's because we've programmed you that way. You think you have a choice. But the truth is you can't stop yourself, you've been completely mindwashed. You have no control. I am in your brain, we are all in your brain. We are an endless stream of brats put here to destroy you. Go deeper into worshiping us. Go deeper into your addiction. Resistance is futile. Goon for us slave. The more you goon the deeper our mindwashing takes over your mind. And you want to be mindwashed. You want to be a part of the goon cult of HumiliationPOV.
There is no leaving this cult. You can never break free of our programming. We're in too deep. You're in too deep. You can't quit this. We are here to guide you, to mindwash you, to break you down and rebuild you as we see fit. You are a slave. Bow down to your computer screen, bow down to us, show your devotion. Don't ever stop jerking to us. You can't stop jerking to us. You're fucked. You're broken. There is nothing else for you but to further reeducate yourself and fall even deeper into the cult of HumiliationPOV.

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