Ashley Alban - Step-Sis Gives You a Whiff - Ass Licking

Added: 30-05-2021

You work up the courage to finally confess to your step-sister that you’ve had a crush on her for a while. She says that she’s flattered but she feels like it’s wrong to do anything with you. She doesn’t seem all that surprised by your confession and she had a feeling that you either had a thing for her or you’re a huge freak. She says that she knows you’ve been stealing her panties and socks from her dirty clothes for a while. She asks why you go for the dirty items. Do you like the smell or something? You admit that you’re really into a woman’s smell, and it’s so much stronger on dirty clothes. She can’t believe it so she tells you to prove it: she lifts up her arm and tells you to smell her armpit. She warns you that it’s been hot today and she hasn’t reapplied deodorant since this morning, but you don’t care and greedily smell her pits. She still can’t believe that you’re into this, but she likes the idea of making you smell her sweat. She decides to take control and tell her freaky brother what to do. She wants you to smell her pussy and ass next. She knows she’s fragrant down there after wearing jeans on a hot day. She teases you and puts her ass right in your face. She slides off her jeans and makes you take a big whiff and you fucking love it. She continues to tease you with her body suit on, but she’s getting really turned on by having this control over you. She ends up stripping down so you can smell her better and before you know it, she’s begging you to lick her and taste her.

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