AstroDomina - FEVER DREAM PART 3 - Asian Goddess

Added: 02-06-2021

Welcome to our next installment of your mesmerizing addiction training.. If you haven't, make sure to go grab Part 1 and Part 2 first!
In the last two parts, Sydney took you down a heavenly journey to opening your mind and realizing your purpose as her financial slave and devoted worshipper. Now that she's turned your mind into putty, it's time to take you down a few notches even further.
And of course this means, you're going to spend this entire clip jerking to her divine Goddess feet and soles! She props up her feet right in front of your face, degrading you and humiliating you the entire time. She loves to ruin losers and smash them under her feet! So go ahead and jerk away, let her feet consume your mind and control your cock, but don't even THINK about cumming until she says so. Keep you on the edge just intensifies the experience and she wants you to do exactly what she says...
Jerk faster slave.. faster.. FASTER! That's right, keep up that pace but don't you dare cum.. she dares you to even think about it, knowing that she would stomp your manhood to mush if you do. You would LOVE to cum all over her glorious soles, but you also know she wouldn't even let you get near them. Just jerk, edge and spend loser! You know you need her to control you! But will she let you cum to her asian soles? You'll just have to watch to find out!

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