ClubStiletto - Mistress T - No one cares about you, now Worship My Feet - Foot Fetish Pov

Added: 04-06-2021

Mistress T relaxes on the couch as she sticks her feet in your face. “You’re the lowest of the low and you’re at the lowest part of my body – my feet,” she says to you. She tells you your life is pointless and she knows this is the most exciting thing ever to happen to you. “I know you crave elegant, classy women. You jerk off to them, but no woman, classy or otherwise, would have anything to do with you,” she tells you before she mocks your tiny dick. She says you have to be satisfied to simply lick the filth from her feet. “Using your tongue like a washcloth, this is your sex life, sticking your tongue between my toes. You’re not even good enough to lick the sch1lt from my asshole.”
As she degrades you and laughs at you she spreads her toes and wrinkles her soles; she knows this is the best you can achieve. “You will never be intimate with a woman, touch or kiss a woman; my dirty feet are all you’ll ever get,” she tells you. A humiliated foot bitch degrading yourself for her is all you can ever hope for. “No one cares about you; now worship my feet,” she tells you, and you do as told.

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