Humiliation POV - Emma Hix - Edge Your Brain As I Delete Your Mind - Brainwash

Added: 10-06-2021

Princess Emma Lux!
Edging to my perfect body melts your brain, doesn't it? It makes everything go numb. It deletes your mind. It makes you vulnerable. You're obsessed with edging to my body. You need more. You need to lock yourself in your room, turn on your gooner computer, turn off the lights and goon. You love to worship me by edging to me. I am your dream girl. I am your fetish. When you see my perfect sexy ass, all you can do is jerk. Edging for Princess has become your daily routine. Edging to such a sexy hot brat melts your brain and keeps you addicted to me.
Go ahead goon to me loser. Jerk to this perfect tight young body. This body that's so out of your league. I want you to shut out the world and jerk. Edge for Princess. Show me how badly you fucking need me. Edge that pathetic addicted cock, it feels too good to stop, doesn't it? You live to come home and goon to me after a long hard day. It's what keeps you going. I'm your ultimate fantasy, that hot young unattainable bratty girl. You love how bratty my voice it, it so easily gets inside your brain. You love looking into my eyes as you edge, my eyes that see inside you, that look right through you. They help me delete your brain.
You love that I've turned you into such a compulsive masturbating gooner. I know exactly how to destroy every last brain cell in your head. Keep gooning for me. Edge that cock. Edging for Princess is your new way of life. Edging to me online feels better than anything else, it's better than the real world. It's better than a relationship. In fact, gooning is better than sex. Edging to my body feels way better than pussy. I am better than getting laid. You know it's true.
Staring at my body as I fuck your mind is a feeling you can only get here with me. With each stroke my power over you grows, you become weaker and weaker. This is what you need, this is what you deserve. You don't deserve to cum, you deserve to edge forever. Keep gooning for me, keep edging. I know you're so horny for me. I know you want to cum so badly but I'm in control of that cock. I'm in control of your brain. You'll never be the same ever again. You're my useless, pathetic goonaholic. I want you to edge forever to me.
This feels so fucking good, doesn't it? Don't stop edging. Just ride that edge. They'll be no cumming for you, it's not what you deserve. You deserve constant tease and denial. Being my pathetic jerkaholic is all you really want. You need me, you need this lifestyle. Now thank me for doing this to you and watch this clip on loop as you edge your brain and I continue to delete your mind.

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