DaphneySugarRose - Daphney Rose - Fart Sniffing Mommas Boy - Femdom Pov

Added: 12-06-2021

In this custom video, I have some HORRIBLE gas that just seems to be getting worse with each fart I blast out. Just when i think how good it is that i am all alone during this nasty batch of farts, i see that you are actually in the room with me. My poor step-son, you shouldn't have to be subjected to your Step-mothers smelly farts! Why don't you go outside and get some fresh air? No need for us both to suffer! :p I proceed to work on scrubbing the kitchen floor , down on all fours in my skin tight yoga pants, while continuing to rip big stinky farts. Again i think that i am alone while blasting my ass gas out shamelessly, when i notice that you are right behind me! What a bad place to be at a time like this! I urge you to save yourself from the terrible odor and I resume my scrubbing. But after letting out an extra big and smelly fart, i feel something against my rear end.... It's your nose!! What a silly strange boy you are! Trying to sniff your Step-mothers smelly farting ass?! Why on earth would you do that? Cum find out what happens after i catch you .... ;)

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