Miss Bellerose - Mesmerized into Addiction - Brainwash

Added: 20-06-2021

*Listen with headphones and eyes closed. Visuals are complimentary.*
As you continue to relax physically, and as you continue to relax mentally more and more, your mind broadens; your mind becomes accepting, begins to become open and ready to accept my wonderful and powerful suggestions. Wonderful and powerful ideas that you are going to receive today.
Today really is a new chapter in your life. A brand new chapter in your life. Today is the day in which your craving and your addiction for me increases. Today is the day in which you turn that page over on the last chapter of your life. And you now start a brand new chapter of your life. One which you enjoy, where you absolutely do enjoy and strong and powerful addiction to me.
And as you relax more with each breath I want you now to embrace that this is the real you, the real you who has a strong and powerful addiction to me. You enjoy this addiction to me. And in a few moments I'm going to help you to reaffirm and to reinforce that suggestion. In a few moments I'm going to repeat a suggestion. The suggestion will be...

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