Eva de Vil - Sex Coaching For Losers - Virtual Sex

Added: 25-06-2021

[Custom, no name] Who let you have sex? Whatever gave you the idea that you’re allowed to get your little worm wet, word got back to me that you were terrible at it! I’m going to educate you. I’m not letting you near another woman until your dick game is Goddess Eva approved.

Grip your cock at the base, fingers curled around your balls, to point that useless thing at the invisible pussy. You’re going to hump the air while I simulate riding you on top. I want to give you a taste of how frustrating it is having sex without enjoying it. You’ll have to withstand my humiliating jabs and comments about how much better my man would be doing. I’d rather be fucking him right now but it makes you rock hard to be reminded of it.

I’m even kind enough to pretend I’m giving you a blow job! Aren’t you such a lucky loser? Imagine how amazing it would feel to have my wet mouth licking and sucking you!

Then it’s your turn to get on top. For this part, I’ll generously let you hump your mattress. I instruct you on how I want it. Faster! Slowly! Deeper! DEEPER! I can barely feel your little dick! Come on, my man would be making me cum by now! I torment you by faking moans and mocking you to “fuck me harder!”

You get to spray your load on my stomach. To thank me for coaching you and putting you in your place, you have to lick it up.
This clip features binaural audio to mind fuck you as you pathetically pretend you're having sex with the girl of your dreams. Wear headphones to get the full effect!

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