Humiliation POV - Rebelle Hart - Bratty Masturbation Mockery - Eviscerating Your Stupid Masturbation Habit - Masturbation Instruction

Added: 26-06-2021

Rebelle Hart! Rebelle is soooo fucking bratty in this clip! Watching her mock you while you listen to her bratty voice will be like candy to your stupid brain.
Losers and chronic masturbators and gooners generally all have this problem. You spend your nights jerking off to hot young brats making these stupid masturbation faces. Have you ever looked in the mirror and seen how retarded you look? LOL!! I know I'd be completely repulsed to see you masturbate but I'd also probably d!3 of laughter if I ever saw just how stupid you look when you jerk off to me. I mean you look like a total moron. And honestly any guy who spends his nights jerking off to me is already a complete and total loser in my eyes, but to think about those noises and faces you make, well that is just the most repulsive thing I have ever seen. I'd never fuck a chronic masturbating idiot like you.
And like I'm sure you're making those faces right now as you furiously jerk to my hot young body. Ewww it's so disgusting lol! But I know what makes you jerkoff even faster than my cute face and my bratty body, and that's when I mock your stupid masturbation faces. Now that's fucked up! You jerk faster to me making your stupid masturbation faces, than you do jerking to my perfect little body. Like what a total fucking loser you are lol! But honestly who could blame you for making those stupid faces and getting so turned on when you stare at my body and listen to my bratty attitude. It's what I do to chronic masturbating losers, I turn them into retarded jerk puppets.
Go on loser, show me what fucktard you are, jerk for me. Jerk it faster while I mock you and laugh in your stupid face. If you could see what I see, you'd be even more repulsed with yourself than you already are. You're disgusting, do you know that? You're a filthy disgusting perverted little chronic masturbator and I'm completely repulsed by you. And the most pathetic part is that you pay for this. You bought this clip knowing I was going to mock you and degrade you and laugh at you. You fucking love this. Stupid little chronic masturbator. Keep gooning for me, reject. I know that the longer you goon, the more stupid and contorted your face gets and I find it fucking hilarious LOL!
You really are disgusting and pathetic, aren't you? You're just a gooning simp who's completely addicted to jerking off to me. And I'm repulsed by any man who pays to jerkoff to me online. I can't imagine how humiliating it must be to be you. I can't imagine how someone could be so fucked in the head that they get off to a girl mocking them in the most humiliating ways. You're a disgusting fucking pervert. Keep jerking pervert, keep jerking as I continue to mock the fuck out of you. It must be so sad for you that you have to fucking get off listening to me and watching me as I eviscerate you and your pathetic masturbation faces. It must be so humiliating watching a hot young brat make fun of you. You're so stupid. You look like such an idiot. But don't stop loser, jerk it faster, show me how stupid you look. LOL!
You're so obsessed and addicted to me that you can't fucking stop, can you? You're so turned on by my bratty attitude that your hand is literally glued to your cock as you masturbate compulsively to me. I want you to find a mirror and just look at yourself so you can see what I see, so you can see just a what a stupid chronic masturbator looks like. LOL! I am completely repulsed by you and now you know why, now you've seen just a loser reject chronic masturbator you are. Now jerk it faster, jerk it as I mock you to orgasm, show me how retarded you can look LOL! I hope you feel like a total idiot when you cum, I hope you feel so fucking stupid. Because you are! LOL! Fucking moron, I know you'll be back for more.

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