Humiliation POV - Princess Jenny - Pay Pig Catfish Addict Mindfuck - I'm Not Real But Your Money Is

Added: 26-06-2021

Catfish Domme Princess Jenny! You fucking idiots love paying Catfish Dommes. It's so fucking stupid but you can't seem to stop. You're a catfish addict, aren't you? And Princess Jenny is so hot LOL! This catfish findom mindfuck has a Very sexy voice that will completely mindfuck you. But is it her voice? Are her pictures real? Maybe she is real, maybe her voice is real, or maybe neither are lol. But the truth is, you'd prefer not to know. You'd prefer that she be fake LOL! It's hotter that way, isn't it?

Hello there my stupid pet. It's me, your perfect Catfish Princess Jenny! And I am here to tell you just how much I love controlling your mind. I love how easily you slip into mindlessness. All thoughts of reality just disappear when you see how hot I am. Mind empty, ready for me to fill it with whatever I want. You don't need those pesky little thoughts any more. You're too horny and weak to resist. Just let my superior mind, take over your weak mind. My desires, my thoughts, become your desires and your thoughts. You love being a mindless reprogrammed pay pig for this Catfish Princess.

I am a very powerful Catfish Domme. It's so easy to just let me take control. You love feeling my hold over you, grow stronger and stronger as you grow weaker and weaker. You're completely helpless except for the thought of clicking for me like a stupid little piggy. All you can think about is paying me. You can't resist, resisting is too much work. And why would you want to resist when clicking for a Catfish Findomme feels so fucking good. You love feeling this stupid for me, don't you piggy? Just clicking for me whenever I say. Your empty mind is being filled with my desires. Paying me is all that matters. You can't stop, can you?

You can feel your addiction growing, can't you? Yes the dumber and hornier you get, the more you want to give in. You don't even care if I'm real or not. That's how stupid you get. Your mind shuts down the more you jerk and pay. And you love having me shut down your mind. Click. And you just keep coming back for more, don't you? You think it's so hot that you can't escape my control over you. And you're not even trying to resist any more.
Just the word 'Catfish', it's so sexy, isn't it? It's become a trigger word for you. Being willingly tricked, knowing from the very beginning that you're serving someone who isn't real. You know this to be true but you still bought this. You still couldn't resist. You should have known better but you're too stupid. I love that you can't and don't even want to escape me, your Catfish Princess. Click, click my little catfish addict. The mere fact that you'll never know what I look like, who I truly am, somehow turns you on. It makes you want to click even more. Admit it, paying me is even hotter than paying a real girl.

My sexy young body just lured you right into my trap. And now you're hooked, addicted to clicking for a Catfish Domme. And it feels so good, doesn't it? All it took was that first click and now you're going into debt just to satisfy me and your own stupid pay piggy urges. Just because my superior mind has taken over yours. You don't want to escape because clicking for me feels better than anything you've ever experienced. All girls lie to you, but at least I'm honest about lying, so you know you can trust me. Because if I tell you the truth about not being the girl in those pictures, then I really don't have anything to hide, do I? LOL! Even if I wanted to share my real face with you, you wouldn't want that would you? No that would ruin the fantasy version you have of me in your head. And that's where I'm going to stay, right in your head because you are already too addicted to clicking for me. Click, click. I might not be real, but your money is LOL!

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