Princess Miki - Eternal Quarantine - Verbal Humiliation

Added: 28-06-2021

I sure can’t wait for the pandemic to end, and I’m sure you’re in the same boat…
…except you and I don’t share the same reasons.
Personally, I’m excited for the pandemic to end so that I can continue living My beautiful life in the way it’s meant to be lived: fancy date nights with My boyfriend, going out and looking hot in tight little dresses, and having a great time with company in general.
You, on the other hand, can’t wait to be EXTRA humiliated when you make the choice to go on living the way you do today.
It must feel weird for you to listen to everyone around you complain about HAVING to stay in. It’s what you’re used to. You’ve been self quarantining for your entire adult life, basing your entire life and identity around masturbation and isolation.
You don’t enjoy the fact that you’re technically REQUIRED to do as you please. You want to CHOOSE to isolate yourself and goon your life away.
You can’t WAIT to defiantly stay inside while everyone else is celebrates the end of this horrible pandemic. Life never changed for you, and it never will.
You’ll be an isolated gooner for life, stuck in your goon cave, pumping away to porn all alone, even when the opportunity to leave your room presents itself again.

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